Nanorheology Research and Development for Biomedical and Mobile Applications 

Accelerated Pulse Wave Sensor
for Continuous Health Monitoring
and IoMT Wearables

Ultra-slim Passive Cooling Pad
for Mobile Devices 

Introducing RheoPad: 
An Ultra-Slim Passive Cooling Pad 

RheoPad, based on our proprietary nanorheology-enabled dual-mode passive cooling technology, is designed to work seamlessly with mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs, game consoles, power banks, etc. Under passive liquid-cooling mode, the effectiveness of our RheoPad is further enhanced that can remove the heat within the devices even more quickly and efficiently when the devices are running multiple apps that require high computational resources and power. Compared to the other conventional approaches and existing solutions, the passive cooling technology provides unprecedented thermal dissipation performance while extending the battery life and endurance by >20%.

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